14-02-2020 luogo_e via Pignolo 116, 24121 Bergamo
Devo riferire qualcosa che ho visto
dal 14 febbraio - data di chiusura da definirsi

giovedě, venerdě, sabato 14 - 19

Inaugurazione venerdě 14 febbraio, ore 18.30
Davide Allieri, Andrea Bocca, Gianluca Codeghini, Ludovico Colombo, Enzo Cucchi, Giovanni De Lazzari, Virginia Garra, Eugčne Marais, Francesco Pedrini, Anonimo Incisore

What this time? What is there to say? Is this something that needs to be said?
It is something that must be reported, something that is seen, or at least glimpsed. Here and there, everywhere.
And how?
Something about nature. Or on the environment, on the way the system looks at the ecological emergency.
The great talk of echo is basically nothing, repeated.
Eco-mania, eco-mania ... Economy!
But every ominous omen is propellant, don't you think?
The care imagined in the emergency is palliative, but ineffective.
And if everyone gets involved, then don't you think that ...
This blatant breath has choreographic demands, but it is uncoordinated.
Let's see this exhibition.
Yes. To get started, you only have to report what you have seen. *
No, no solutions. An exhibition exhibition. Stop.
Ah, then it's an exhibition exhibition. Stop?

Devo riferire qualcosa che ho visto, č una citazione da William Shakespeare, Macbeth (1605-8), atto V, scena

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