07-10-2010 Tina-B
The fifth annual TINA B. Festival will be held in Prague from 7 to 24 October 2010. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Solutions and Evolution’. Like last year, the festival will showcase art created using new methods and employing novel artistic techniques.

In 2010 Tina B. travelled the world in order to find the most interesting works of art to present at the Prague contemporary art festival. The artists in the section ‘Tina B. on the Road’ are thus not linked by any one curatorial idea, just by the unique visionary taste of Tina B.

The works in this section are thus diverse in form. You will find art videos and projections, installations, and multimedia sculpture. The exhibition in a surprising way reflects different artistic perspectives on reality today.

Tina B. on the Road presents new and inspirational art that will stay with you...just like memories from a trip do.
PP Semp / Patricia Semprez
Tereza Prihodova
Florian Grond
Catherine Bechard / Sabin Hudon
Patrizio Travagli
Kit Reisch
Federico Paris
Katja Loher
Pedro Valdez Cardoso
Enoc Armengol
Geir Brungot
Judith Cowan / Renee Sutherland

Video SCREENING: Czech Center
Boris Eldagsen
Gianluca Codeghini /Dario Bellini
Jonas Nilsson
Linda Ciharova
Hektor Mamet