11-04-2011 CD
gianluca codeghini
there’s nothing better than producing sounds

music compositions for lights, verbal suggestions and improvisation starting from:
coffee-table book_by alessandro broggi_transeuropa edizioni 2011

all compositions by gianluca codeghini, except 8 & 10 by gianluca codeghini and alessandro broggi

01_tender is the night 2.32
02_landscape with figures 3.25
03_the plots of nature 4.27
04_the alphabet of colors 3.46
05_the secrets of harmony 1.06
06_nature in grey 1.47
07_the vertigo of the word 2.36
08_high altitude thrills 0.44
09_the report of landscape 7.34
10_the taste of time 2.27
11_the scenery of things 2.58
12_the plots of elegance 1.23
13_the real essence of things 2.25
14_reflected light 3.05

gianluca codeghini*_voice_synth_arp odyssey_vox_toy piano_clarion_trumpet_eigenharp
sampling & programming_loop treatments_mix
nicola di caprio*_drums_percussions_prepared objects_flying sardines tin box
paolo romano*_double bass_prepared double bass_2_3_5_6_7_8_9_11_12_13_14
federica maglioni_voice_bassoon_piano_1_9_13
francesca petrolo_trombone_1_3_4_10
rocco lomonaco_guitar_3_4
alessandro broggi_sampling_8_10
semolina_dog drinking_5

produced by g. codeghini_a. broggi
mixed by g. codeghini
studios_kok_ moonhouse_milan_italy_april 2011
mastered by danilo di lorenzo at moonhouse recording
cover by g. codeghini_design & layout_kok


©2011 gianluca codeghini