11-02-2016 RCM Galerie Paris, 32, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris
edited by Elio Grazioli

Unfixed images just crumbling apart. Vases leaving color on your fingers when you touch them. Cotton swabs drawing, or rather sculpting, unreadable words. Large ceramic noses producing sounds. Woofers moved around by their own sound. Puddles splashing water on a camera lens… there is enough for formalists (like myself), post-formalists and in-formalists: surfaces splitting apart, trembling with life, objects refusing the criteria of sculpture, lines shifting towards the third dimension, senses that intertwine and trade places, words that refuse to be read, conceptual short circuits… Perhaps the “short story without return” is, first and foremost, that of modernism? Or maybe even that of postmodernism?...

RCM Galerie Paris, 32, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris